Fast and integrated revision of agricultural risk management in Brazil

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Diego Arias, Pedro Abel Vieira Junior and Paulo Mendes, (2016), Fast and integrated revision of agricultural risk management in Brazil, World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences, No. 2 2016, Food and Justice, 5th November to 15th December 2016


The agricultural sector is strategic for Brazilian economy and society, nevertheless, the fluctuation in GDP, which can reach 1% per year, indicates the weakness of risk management in the sector. This study identified that Brazil has good policies dedicated for risk management, although focused on risk mitigation. Response and transfer mechanisms, especially insurance, are still insufficient. The results also strongly suggest that the integration of policies and programs dedicate to agricultural risk management in Brazil is still low, consequently, it may be difficult to reduce the losses in a systematic way.

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  • Edward says:

    This is a well researched,written and informative paper. It has shown various aspects related to agricultural risks. Perhaps, briefly it could also bring out the risk that may arise as a result of lack of access to market due to infrastructure,that is, roads linking markets and production which can highly impact agriculture.

    • Pedro Abel Vieira says:


      You’re right, however, according to the study ANALYSIS OF RISKS AND COSTS OF
      AGROLOGÍSTICA IN BRAZIL, carried out by the World Bank, many logistics problems can be solved with simple solutions.

      • Pedro Abel Vieira says:


        Yes, I agree with you, many agrologistic problems can be solved by simple actions, for example, scheduling at ports using recently in Brazil